Yparex® is an extrudable adhesive resin from The Compound Company that’s ideal for all kinds of multilayer applications. It provides outstanding adhesion between various materials across a broad temperature range – and for a wide portfolio of applications and industries: from multilayer packaging to building & construction. It’s a solution worth sticking with.

Yparex® is based on maleic anhydride-(MAH)-modified and functionalized polyolefin compounds – all of which make it an ideal coupling agent and compatibilizer; as well as an excellent tie-layer resin.

Yparex® compatibilizers
Are you looking to boost interphase adhesion and achieve compatibility between used polar polymers and polyolefins? You’re in the right place. Yparex® is ideal for polymer blending, PE/PA and PP/PA recyclates, masterbatches and pigments – and as an impact modifier in Polyamide 6.

Yparex® coupling agents
As a coupling agent, Yparex® is ideal for chemical bonding between fillers, reinforcements and polymers. It performs very well in wood-plastic composites – and is also available as a biobased coupling agent. So, if you’re looking to increase impact strength in a more sustainable way, look no further.

Yparex® tie-layer adhesive resins
Incompatible materials used in film packaging need tie-layers to achieve the right properties. This is precisely what our environmentally friendly tie-layer resins provide if you’re a multilayer packaging product manufacturer: from food-contact bottles to multilayer pouches to industrial applications like agricultural films.

Yparex® Renew is the first biobased tie-layer resins for multilayer packaging. It achieves outstanding adhesion between all forms of polyolefin-based resins and different materials including metals (aluminium, steel, and copper); and barrier plastics (polyamides, nylons) with ethylene vinyl alcohol (EVOH). 
The Compound Company has a dedicated R&D center that also offers R&D services for external companies that are looking for laboratory tests such as colour measurement, gel count, infra-red, DSC, black specks, weathering, etc.
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