Solar PV Modules

At the Compound Company we make encapsulant solar films – with a difference. Our sustainable encapsulant solar film for PV modules is based on Polyolefin Elastomer (POE) rather than the standard ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA). It means that in addition to delivering outstanding stability, moisture protection and performance in various rooftop and façade applications, our compound film is also classed as non-hazardous – and it's fully recyclable.

Yparex® POE films

It’s a given that solar PV modules need excellent optical properties - but above all they must have the mechanical and electrical performance needed to withstand what nature throws at them for 25 years-plus. Our Kiwa-approved Yparex® crosslinking encapsulant film enables all this and more by increasing the performance and durability of photovoltaic cells.

This solution gives you outstanding protection against weathering, corrosion, shrinkage during lamination – and especially moisture. In fact, Yparex® demonstrates excellent Water Vapor Transmission Rate (WVTR) compared to both EVA and existing POE-based encapsulant films.

In 2022, the EU introduced new regulations targeted at potentially hazardous materials used in the solar industry. This is where our POE-based encapsulant films offer module manufacturers a clear advantage when striving to create sustainable and safe products (in both Europe and the wider world).

Add to this the fact that Yparex® POE films bring excellent adhesion to glass while being lightweight and easy-to-handle. It’s no surprise that module makers like TULiPPS are now choosing this technology (used in its COSMOS M300 lightweight POE solar photovoltaic module).  
Yparex® POE films
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