If you’re looking to boost the performance of engineered thermoplastics and other technical polymers, look no further than Exxelor® from The Compound Company. Ideal for compounding additives, these chemically modified polymers deliver outstanding adhesion between nonpolar polymers and a wide range of materials - including metal, thermoset rubbers and most polar substrates, including glass.

Based on functionalized elastomeric and polyolefin polymers - and produced via reactive extrusion - our Exxelor® polymer resins are ideal for use as impact modifiers, compatibilizers and coupling agents in compounding additives - as well as providing excellent adhesion.

Exxelor® Impact Modifiers
Exxelor® polymer has fast become the industry standard for achieving the delicate balance between stiffness and impact strength - in a variety of applications.

Exxelor® compatibilizers
Are you looking to boost interphase adhesion and achieve compatibility between nonpolar polymers and different materials? You’re in the right place.

Exxelor® coupling agents
Exxelor® is an ideal coupling agent for the chemical bonding between fillers, reinforcements and the polymer matrix. So, if you’re looking to increase impact strength, look no further.
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