Peel compounds (PF)

At The Compound Company we develop and produce compounds for multilayer packaging applications - including EcoForte® PF peel compounds, developed for peelable sealing.

EcoForte® PF peel compounds are ideal for use in the skin layer of coextruded structures in multilayer packaging. They make plastic-films seals easy to open based on as peelable effect formed by specific incompatibilities within the plastic material – which results in a predetermined breaking point.

We designed these products to be processed over a wide temperature range - which makes them ideal for packaging in a variety of film applications, including: lidding film, liquid packaging, medical packaging, containers and bootles agricultural films and protective films.

Our food-compliant grades offer you versatility in their applications, but furthermore they are tailored for blow molding, blown film and cast film and extrusion coating processes. We can also customize the peeling behavior for customers based on the multilayer structure.
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