Compounds made by The Compound Company are used in a broad range of applications in a number of major industries, such as Automotive, Building & Construction, Packaging, PV modules and Compounding.
Building & Construction
The Compound Company develops and produces compounds for Building & Construction applications. The portfolio consists of Yparex® extrudable adhesive resins and EcoForte® compounds for multi-layer pipe, wall claddings, cable and roofing.
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For multilayer packaging applications, The Compound Company has a portfolio that consists of Yparex® extrudable adhesive resins for providing adhesion between incompatible film layers and EcoForte® PF, a peel compound to make the seal of plastic films easy to open.
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Thanks to the state-of-the-art compounding infrastructure, The Compound Company is able to produce glass fiber reinforced and mineral filled polyolefin (polypropylene and polyethylene) compounds for the automotive industry.
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PV Modules
Yparex offers a special range of PolyOlefin Elastomer (POE) based encapsulant solar films. These products are very successful in increasing the performance and durability of Photovoltaic Cells.

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Coupling agents and compatibilizers from the Yparex® product range are very effective in increasing the performance of compounds and fiber- and mineral-filled composites. They perform very well regarding colour.
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