Every day we strive to develop compounds with unique properties here at The Compound Company – and one such example is EcoForte® Ultramaxx. Here our team has optimized our polypropylene for the design of products targeted at overengineered polyamide applications.  

With EcoForte® Ultramaxx we are stepping beyond a regular polypropylene compound by optimizing the property profile across all variables - resulting in outstanding products. Today, there are many overengineered polyamide-reinforced compounds that don’t need the thermal resistance of polyamides, including: housing of powertools, fan shrouds, battery trays or wiper modules. With Ecorforte® Ultramaxx we offer an attractive alternative that has a lower density; comparable or equal strength; and acceptable impact for applications where heat resistance isn’t a key factor.

By using our EcoForte® Ultramaxx you can elimate drying steps in processing and reduce energy consumption due to lower processing temperatures. It also lowers the weight of polyamide-based compounds - and can be supplied in standard packaging rather than the standard alluminum packaging used for polyamides. This in turn makes it a more sustainable alternative for applications that don’t need high-temperature resistance for polyamides.
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