Heat activated adhesive films

In heat-activated adhesive films, The Compound Company brings you reliable adhesion and outstanding all-round performance - in applications produced via lamination, compression molding and thermoplastic welding, we offer these products in sheet form.


Compounding solutions for Heat-activated adhesive films

Applied as solids, our Yparex® extrudable adhesive resins are ideal for bonding polyolefin (PE or PP) substrates with various polar substrates - including polyamide, aluminum, glass fibers and natural fibers.

Applied in flexible, thin ((50-100 mm) layers, Yparex® heat-activated adhesive films are a great choice for applications like (outdoor) textiles, furniture, shoes, and wood composites – where the film acts as an excellent internal adhesive layer. Automotive is another market where we see great potential for this product – for example in foam-backed interior vehicle mats and carpets, where the product provides excellent tuft locking properties.

Our Yparex® heat-activated adhesive films are versatile and can be customized by our expert team at The Compound Company for the unique needs of customers: for example, by meeting different wetting or viscosity requirements. They also meet the needs of consumers. Unlike liquid adhesives, Yparex® adhesive film is very low on volatiles. Good for people – and essential for meeting various air quality requirements in industries like automotive.
Compounding solutions for Heat-activated adhesive films
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