If you’re a manufacturer serving the auto industry, our EcoForte® performance compounds are ideal for use in a wide range of automotive parts. These versatile compounds deliver the ideal balance of mechanical properties, easy processing and price-performance that leading auto brands demand.

Versatile reinforced compounds

Automotive parts need to be durable. Increasingly, they also need to be sustainable; but above all, they need to be safe. Our EcoForte® reinforced polyolefin compounds bring you high-performance impact strength in a range of formulations to meet your needs. Furthermore, we can manufacture these compounds with both virgin and recycled materials – helping to meet the increasing need for greener automobiles. We can even incorporate biobased materials (wood, hemp) - with a low-to-neutral footprint - to help take even more carbon out of the car.

Over the years, The Compound Company has developed various customized solutions for automotive customers – not least EcoForte® Ultramaxx. Our experts can always work with you to create tailor-made compounds – all supported by extensive lab facilities and on-site testing.
Versatile reinforced compounds
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