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From adhesive resins for building & construction applications like multilayer pipes; to reinforced compounds that provide sustainable flame-retardant solutions in roofing and wall cladding – we’ve got you covered at The Compound Company.

Multilayer pipes

If you need extreme adhesion at all temperatures and with all kinds of materials; look no further than our solutions - proven over 25 years-plus to deliver
  • In aluminum composite pipes used for drinking water and heating, Yparex® adhesive resins literally blend the benefits of metals and polymers through excellent adhesion of both the inside and outside layers of the aluminum and PE.
  • For plastic barrier pipes used in underfloor gas and wall heating & cooling, Yparex® binds PE with EVOH to provide the ideal oxygen barrier properties and mechanical strength – even under changing temperatures.
  • In copper composite pipes, we can bring you long-term adhesive strength at varying temperatures - with significant cost and weight reduction compared to the traditional copper pipes used for sanitary hot-and-cold water.
Multilayer pipes
Roofing & Wall cladding

Roofing & Wall cladding

Strong, flame-retardant and sustainable, our EcoForte® compounds are increasingly used in injection-molded or extruded structural parts for roofing and wall cladding.
  • This solution delivers good mechanical properties and smooth processing – and it’s versatile. Depending on your unique needs, we can reinforce EcoForte® with glass, minerals and natural fibers (like wood and hemp). Or if you’re looking to lower your carbon footprint, we can even include recycled content or biopolymers for the base polymers.
  • For roofing applications where flame retardancy is especially important, you can use EcoForte® FR - a special halogen-free flame retardant compound (based on polyolefin). It can replace less sustainable materials like PVC or bitumen and is ideal as both a flame retardant for artificial thatch and as a TPO-based compound for roof liners.
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