The Compound Company develops and produces compounds for multilayer packaging applications. The portfolio consists of Yparex® extrudable adhesive resins for providing adhesion between incompatible film layers and EcoForte® PF, a peel compound to make the seal of plastic films easy to open.

Yparex® and EcoForte® in multilayer packaging applications offer:
  •  Excellent adhesion between PE and barrier materials (Yparex®)
  •  Attractive dilution opportunities (Yparex®)
  •  Good optical and mechanical properties
  •  The easy processability of PE
  •  Food compliance
  •  Easy opening (EcoForte®) 
Yparex® provides adhesion between various polyolefins and barrier materials giving reliable and high quality bond strength. Yparex® products are used in application areas ranging from food-contact bottles to multilayer pouches to industrial applications like agricultural films. 

For more information about Yparex® in multilayer packaging, click here.

EcoForte® portfolio offers a peel compound to make the seal of plastic films easy to open.

If you want to know more about the EcoForte® PF peel compound, please click here.
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