EcoForte® & Yparex® portfolio

EcoForte® Portfolio
EcoForte® is a family of thermoplastic compounds based on polyolefins. They are used as raw materials for the production of injection molded or extruded parts for various applications in industries such as Building & Construction, Automotive and Packaging.
The EcoForte® portfolio consists of sustainable solutions, halogen-free flame retardant polyolefins, reinforced performance materials, and peel compounds for multi-layer packaging;
  • Sustainable solutions of EcoForte®
  • Halogene free flame retardant polyolefins - EcoForte® FR 
  • Performance Materials - EcoForte® GF/NF/MF
  • Peel compounds for multilayer packaging - EcoForte® PF
Through close cooperation with our customers and extensive laboratory and on-site testing, The Compound Company has developed both generic and custom-made compounds.
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Yparex® Portfolio 
Yparex® is a family of maleic-anhydride-(MAH)-functionalised polyolefins. For each of its many application areas Yparex® has suitable grades.
The grades are characterized by density and melt flow index, melting temperature and the level of functional groups. Functionality for the varying application range is also obtained by using a large array of different base polymers and production technologies. The materials are produced under the highest quality standards allowing no residual unbonded maleic anhydride in the final product. 
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