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The Compound Company develops and produces compounds for Building & Construction applications. The portfolio consists of Yparex® extrudable adhesive resins and EcoForte® compounds for multi-layer pipe, wall claddings, cable and roofing.
Yparex® adhesive resins are extrudable maleic anhydride modified and functionalised polyolefin compounds. Yparex® provides adhesion between polyolefins and a variety of polymeric substrates such as polyamide (PA) and ethylene vinyl alcohol (EVOH). In addition, in Building & Construction applications it is quite often desirable to be able to bond to metal. Yparex® provides reliable and high-quality bond strength over prolonged time and under varying temperature conditions to metal substrates such as aluminium, steel and copper.

Advantages of Yparex® in a nutshell:
  • Consistent adhesion quality
  • High productivity
  • Reliable processability (flow and melt stability)
  • Outstanding adhesion retained even at elevated temperatures
  • Excellent long-term thermal stability (heat aging)
  • Capable of being processed under a variety of (co-) extrusion conditions.
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EcoForte® is a family of thermoplastic com- pounds based on polyolefins. They are used as raw materials for the production of injection molded or extruded structural parts for various applications in the building and construction industry. The EcoForte® portfolio consist of halo- gen-free flame retardant polyolefins (EcoForte® FR) and reinforced performance materials (EcoForte® GF/NF/MF).

Advantages of EcoForte® in a nutshell:
  • High performance in flame retardancy
  • Reliable processing properties
  • Optimal balance between mechanical properties, processing and economics Production according to specification with consistent quality
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Building and Construction
Building and Construction
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