Wouter van den Berg gives presentation during Plastics Recycling Technology Conference in Austria

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17 okt 2021
On Thursday 21st October 2021 12:40hrs., Dr. Wouter van den Berg - General Manager of YPAREX, will give a presentation on Recycling of multilayer packaging film. This will take place during the Plastics Recycling Technology Conference in Vienna, Austria.

Recycling of multilayer packaging film. The ultimate challenge?
The plastics industry is looking for ways to reduce waste by increasing the amount of recycled content in their products. And none more so than the producers of multilayer barrier packaging. Yparex BV has developed a wide range of solutions for recyclers and film manufacturers alike to upgrade multi-material film waste into high quality regranulate that allows it to be used again and again in (multilayer) film. This gives the packaging film players the opportunity to reduce waste, and thereby costs, in their process.

The presentation will show a multitude of examples of how Yparex™ compatibilizers can add value to your recycle streams and give you a better quality recyclate.

This facilitates the industry to show that flexible plastic packaging is and will be the most efficient and sustainable solution to package sensitive food stuffs and reduce the wasting of food.
Plastics Recycling Technology 20–21 October 2021
Exploring the future of plastics recycling - new ways to boost productivity, quality and profitability
When: 21 October 2021
Where: Austria Trend Savoyen Hotel, Vienna, Austria 
Time: 12:40 uur
More info on the conference, click here